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Press Release | Il Cittadino DI Monza e Brianza| 30/11/2019

Cotton paintings on display in the little church

Those patchworks by Orna Barness

With needle and thread, she makes real works of art, so much so that she is now a regular guest at the ancient church of Cascina del Bruno. She is Orna Bamess, patchwork expert. Her works, or we may want to call them paintings of cotton and other materials, were exhibited on Saturday and Sunday in the former sacred place of the hamlet.

The event was organized by the Bruno district committee and the "Amici Del Bruno" cultural association, which has been collecting funds for years to renovate and maintain the old church. The initiative was sponsored by the Department of Culture and on Saturday and Sunday, several people wanted to see Barness's work up close. This was one of the many exhibitions that "Amici Del Bruno" association hosts in the church. During the year, there were also exhibitions of paintings and modeling often involving other associations in the area. All these events, besides wanting to raise funds to redevelop the historic building, aim to keep alive the arcorese neighborhood that borders with Villasanta. M.Bon. 

Arcore X TE
Year 5 - Number 28 - December 2011

The unique style of Orna Barness returns to Cascina del Bruno
Eighty works for what has become, since three years, a tradition, the exhibition of the arcorese patchwork artist Orna Barness, has graced the ancient church of Cascina del Bruno on 19th, 20th and 21st November. And from the bustle of enthusiastic people of his masterpieces that visited the exhibition during the dedicated week-end, we can clearly deduce the real talent of this Israeli lady that twenty years ago decided to move to Italy, with the aim to perfect herself in her life-long passion: playing with fabrics. The results are each time amazing, thanks to the well-aimed choice in terms of colors and themes that characterize the style of the artist: just take a look at her web site (, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see it from real, to realize that. And there are no limits to her creativity, ranging from bed covers to wall hangings, from puppets to pillows, from bags to table covers, from runners to paintings, each a unique and high quality masterpiece resulting from the mix of skill and warmth that it expresses.

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Il Giornale di Vimercate
Cronaca di Arcore - Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

EXHIBITION At the small church in Cascina del Bruno Orna Barness’s works, virtuous of the "patchwork"
From Israel with fury, armed with needle and thread
The 40-year old moved to the city a few years ago: first confrontation with the public
The fabric, when it comes out of her hands, it is not simple fabric. It is a real language made of colors and images that a lifetime passion animate transforming into works of art. The character in question is Orna Barness, arcorese forty-five year old from Israel and author of the original patchworks that on days November 20, 21 and 22 has exhibited in a solo exhibition at the small church in Cascina del Bruno.
Her story begins back in time and space, when still a children enjoyed handling the fabrics carrying out , supported by her mother, small cut and sew creations. It’s the same wonder experienced in those times that afterwards, growing up, brought her to undertake artistic studies and to move, some twenty years ago, in Italy with the aim to improve and make a profession of her talent: "In Florence I worked as a freelance designer for various agencies and fashion catalogs. Then in year 2000 I realized that only returning to my first love I could fully express myself and experience once again the emotion, wonderful, to play with the fabrics" explains the artist, who is also wife and mother
Everything for her, that especially loves the floral and the geometric design, can be a source of inspiration: "Ideas come to me looking through the magazines, inspired by photos and drawings that I adapt to my necessities - says Mrs. Barness – To all this follows the real work that consists in retrieving the fabric and assembling it so as to obtain the desired patchwork". The techniques of this ancient art are several and the final product does not have a single shape: blankets, tapestries, and also pillows, bags, puppets, there are many genres that combines patchwork, whose main feature is the harmonious combination of hand stitch and small pieces of fabric that marks the artifacts. For further details you can refer to Orna Barness’s web site at